OSCE Phase I 

Five Page Summary & Full Cranston Report

~ Cranston used 473,756.77 MWh of electricity in 2018,     according to the City of Cranston and National Grid

~ Usage can be reduced to 407,472.77 MWh through increased efficiency

~ Solar and vertical wind on commercial, municipal, and residential sites throughout the city—without using any green space—can produce more than 407,472.77 MWh

~ A smart and shareable micro-grid/energy storage system will increase the efficiency of energy transmission up to 30% and make an additional 142,127 MWh available

~ Combined with 5% of the energy from offshore wind projects currently underway, Cranston can add in heating and transportation and become 100% renewable

100% Renewable Energy Cranston Summary Report

This blueprint commissioned by the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America shows that Cranston, Rhode Island can produce 100% of its energy needs with solar, onshore vertical wind, offshore wind, and a smart and shareable micro-grid/energy storage system.

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100% Renewable Energy Cranston by 2030
(Full Phase I Report)

As a model city, Cranston points to Rhode Island’s ability to create more energy than it needs. Cranston is a dense municipality with less space for solar and vertical wind, and most Rhode Island cities have more room for energy production and a greater ability to exceed their energy requirements. With this positive outcome to our first step, we’re moving forward to the next step in our project to create a blueprint for all of Rhode Island.

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