Collaboration Through Innovation

When we seek to move away from an established pattern that is called a paradigm shift. At NPE we are doing just that. Our mission is to facilitate the clean energy transition through an innovative approach by creating resilient, unified energy generation systems that benefit all sectors of society. 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”-Buckminster Fuller

The Priorities of New Paradigm Energy

We are establishing energy independence by harnessing the power in nature. We deploy 100% unified renewable energy optimized to local circumstances and conditions aligned to our client’s unique carbon management ambitions.

Using an integrated and modular approach, the right combination of battery storage, electrical control systems, and clean energy sources create a robust, resilient, and independent smart micro-grid.

The New Paradigm Energy brand is informed and influenced by both cultural trends and consumer demands to meet the challenges inherent in the global transformation to modern clean energy. Within our vision, we nurture the promise of inspiring innovation and enhancing conservation while delivering renewable energy independence. 

The Focus of the New Paradigm Energy model:

Unified Renewable Energy Generation Systems

Significantly increasing clean energy production and storage while creating a decentralized modern grid to handle multiple generation sources and the smart secure delivery to where that energy is needed. 

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

A focus on the reduction of energy use and waste leading to a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future for ourselves, our children, and the future generations.


New Clean Energy Economy

Municipalities and businesses leading the way into the new, clean, renewable energy-based economy of tomorrow.


Who is New Paradigm Energy?

A Joint Venture Of ReVenture & 4E Energy.

Where We Began

We are made up of the teams and expertise of ReVenture and 4E Energy. Joshua May, Co-CEO of ReVenture, and Brandon Boucher, the CEO of 4E Energy are U.S. Veterans and met four years ago while helping lead veterans from across the country to the Standing Rock Reservation in support of the Lakota Sioux Nation Water Protectors. They and their teams are passionate about and committed to finding solutions to the climate crisis and the idea that New England, and the United States should lead the way into the clean energy economy that is already moving forward across the globe. 

Where We Are Headed

Since our days of field work and research around the Rhode Island 2030 initiative, New Paradigm Energy has evolved into a Unified Energy Generation company currently focused on small wind as it's core component. We have assembled a portfolio of clean-tech partners and products aimed at delivering targeted and robust energy generation, storage, and delivery systems that match the needs of an individual project or client. NPE truly believes in the principle of innovation through collaboration and that no one technology or sector will provide the solution to all of our energy and environmental challenges. We strive to assist municipalities, businesses, and homeowners in making the move to renewable energy, greater efficiency, and streamlined, cost effective, sustainable solutions.

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